Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers 2023

Lisa Folawiyo Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Are you searching for Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers 2023 then here on this page we have arranged a total rundown assembling the data from the individuals and subsequent to assuming reviews from various position. Nigerian Fashion is constantly about the brilliant hues and printed dresses since this is in their way of life and customs so that is the reason to contend the requirements and requests of the Nigerian individuals isn’t in the hands of everybody except there are some Fashion planners who are extremely well known in Nigerian individuals in light of their interesting assortment, assortment of their assortments and shading blends that is the reason we set up a rundown of all these Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers on this page and you can get it down here. Well these are Designers offer their winter and summer assortment consistently and the entirety of their assortments are popular among the Nigerian individuals so there is no compelling reason to go anyplace else simply view.

Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers 2023

Deola Sagoe:

Deola Sagoe is a fashion designers of Nigeria from Ondo state, she start her career as a fashion designer in year 1989 and with the passage of time of popularity of her lovely collection cross limits of Nigeria and she becomes a famous international fashion designer. Deola Sagoe was also appointed to represent Nigeria in United National World Food Program international Campaign too. Recently Deola Sagoe reveals her dresses collection couture at Cape Town Fashion week. She is also invited as guest in this year New York Fashion Week.

Deola Sagoe Nigerian Fashion Designers

Zizi Cardow:

When we talk about the Nigerian Fashion designer then one name we all cannot neglect is Zizi Cardow. She lanched her label in year 2000 and in very short spam of time she got much popularity among Nigerian because of her vibrant color and ethnic Fabrics. The first year after the launched of this label the designer Zizi Cardow is awarded with the prestigious designer for the year in a Nigerian Fashion week which is held in year 2001. After this award the way to launch her designs other than Nigeria like in the South Africa and Europe are much easier then she think. Since from year 2000 when this label launched she is awarded with more than 20 fashion awards.

Zizi Cardow Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Folake Folarin Coker:

Folake Folarin Coker is also one of the top Nigerian Fashion Designer as her fashion brand introduce in the world in 1998 by the name of “Tiffany Amber”. She was born and grown up in Lagos Nigeria so that is why he launched her first brand outlet in Lagos. There are about 4 stand alone store of Tiffany Amber in Lagos and abuja. She is become a part of many fashion weeks that are held in the Africa, In Europe and in United States of America. The best thing about Folake Folarin Coker is that she made a history this year in New York Fashion week when she stage this show twice because that is the first African based fashion brand that reaches to that point of popularity.

Folake Folarin Coker Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Duro Olowu:

Duro Olowu born in Lagos Nigeria¬† and he started his own label of Nigerian fashion clothing in year 2004 and just one year after in 2005 during a British fashion awards he were awarded as the “New Designer of the year”. His first collection was big hit for him as the fashion editors and buyers much appreciate his first collection. After that almost every year he is awarded with one of the fashion award. The popularity of the Duro Olowu can be check from here that the first lady of America that is Michelle Obama also wear his collection and this is all just because of his unique but elegant and vibrant, bold color collection used in the dresses.

Duro Olowu Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Ohimai Atafo:

Ohimai Atafo launched her clothing label that is “Mai Atafo” in year 2007 and after that in 2009 he got a award that is hottest New Male designer. In year 2001 he launched a wedding dresses attire line with the name “Wedding by Mai” which was a great hit in his career and brand grooming.

Ohimai Atafo Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Frank Oshodi:

Frank Oshodi is a multitalented person as he as performing many roles as a Model, Choreographer, A makeup Artist and one of the best fashion designers of the Nigerian Fashion. Frank Oshodi modeled for many of the top fashion houses that take place in Nigeria like Dakova, Nikki Africana and Supreme stitches etc.

Frank Oshodi Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Ade Bakare:

The history of the Ade Bakare start from 20 years back. This label is one of the best preferred label for the London and Nigerian women. The reason behind that Ade Bakare popularity is the elegant prints on flawless fabrics. With his clothing line he also introduce two perfumes that are Breeze and Jeysey which also very popular among womens.

Ade Bakare Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Lisa Folawiyo:

Lisa Folawiyo is the name which is known by most of the Nigerian women her label is “Jewel by Lisa”. The reason behind here popularity among women is the Ankara Wax prints which is her niche of the label. She also showcased here Ankara Print collection Internationally in New York Fashion week in year 2010, and also in Paris Fashion Week 2010 and many others.

Lisa Folawiyo Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Lola Faturoti:

Grandmother of Lola Faturoti was a designer who designed Nigerian Traditional clothes from there Lola Faturoti also got inspiration as her mother travel London and Paris many times and every time she bought many clothes for here and there on her own clothes she start doing something new and then start working in a  boutique where she launched her first collection.

Lola Faturoti Nigerian Fashion Designer 2023

Soares Anthony:

If you are young then you defibnately have to watch out the Soares Anthony. This is the brand which can make a simple and ordinary man to look alike a great businessman. He starts his men line with “Soares Anthony. The fabric used in his collection is Nigerian with the Tailoring is done with the Japanese expert.

Soares Anthony Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designer

This was all about Top 10 Nigerian Fashion Designers 2023.

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