How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom in South Africa

One of the best services of Vodacom is Please Call Me coined the term and now it is widely used in South Africa. Many users of Vodacom know about this service but they don’t know How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom in South Africa. Now you are in the right place where you get all the knowledge about it. So stay with us and enhance your knowledge.

How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom in South Africa?

This is a service that is provided to Vodacom users by the network provider. Vodacom facilitates its users with the free “Please Call Me” message service. So that the users cannot embrace if they need to urgently call someone but you have no airtime. In this way the user can directly link to their friends, family, and relatives by sending them the Please call Me message. The user has to send the message to Vodacom with the number of the person whom he wants to contact and then Vodacom sends your message to their loved one. But most of the users don’t know the proper method of How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom? Those users who want to understand can read the below method.

It’s an easy, simple and useful service. You can send a “Please Call Me” message to everyone whether you have airtime or not. This service has some limitations too but still, you should have to use it and enjoy its benefits.

How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom in South Africa

Vodacom Call Back Code:

The sending of messages by USSD code is old-fashioned but still most useful. Because everyone can use it either younger or older, old fashioned or new-fashioned mobile no matter. No need for any Vodacom application. The process of sending a “Please Call Me” message is simple and easy and every prepaid or contract customer can use it. Follow these steps to use please call me service of Vodacom;

  • Pick your Vodacom SIM card mobile phone and open the dialer.
  • Dial *140* recipient number # on your phone dialer.
  • Press the send button.

Your “Please Call Me” is sent to the recipients to whom you want to send it in no time. You will receive a back call shortly.

Do vodacom Call Backs Cost Anything?

When you send a please call me a message, your message is sent to the number that you mentioned in the message. Your loved one receives a message like “such (sender) and such (sender number) is asking you for a back call”. Then they will make a back call to the sender. Here a question arises Does this message cost anything? Don’t worry this is a free-of-cost message. You don’t need to pay anything to send call me back message by Vodacom.

How many calls backs allowed per day on Vodacom?

Every Vodacom user is allowed 10 please call me back per day. That is more than the need but if someone still finds it less than sorry to say that he/she is annoying. The main point of this service is to help people in need when they emergency need to call but out of credit.  Don’t blame or abuse the facility if you didn’t receive a back call or your message is not sent. Because some user blocks this facility on their mobile phones they don’t receive a callback message.


Vodacom is the best network company in South Africa that facilitates their users. They also give them the facility of 10 free messages a day. How to Send a Please Call Me on Vodacom in South Africa? It’s a free-of-cost, easy-to-access and use service of Vodacom. Now you can easily send a call back message to your loved ones and talk to them freely on their credit.

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