How to do Sim Swap on MTN in South Africa

Now everyone has his/her own mobile phone and sim card. Often we need to know How to do Sim Swap on MTN in South Africa. There are serval reasons behind it that may be the loss or damage of sim card. Maybe you changed your cell phone and it doesn’t support your old SIM card size. So you need to swap the sim but don’t know. It’s not difficult we guide you all through it.

How to do Sim Swap on MTN?

It is one of the best Mobile Telecommunication Network of South Africa that allow the customer to swap their sims due to various reasons. Maybe the customer’s sim is lost, damaged, or stolen by someone. Or the customer may need a different size sim for a new device. In a busy schedule, it took 4 hours otherwise MTN Sim Swapping is a quick process. If you are interested in how to do mtn sim swap? then visit the office with your ID card and residence proof. Buy their initial package “Go Starter Pack” and register it with “RICA”.

How to do Sim Swap on MTN in South Africa

MTN Sim Swap Method:

The customer who wants to swap the SIM card for any reason must have to follow a procedure and this procedure varies according to the reason. If the customer’s sim card is lost or stolen then Sim Swap to MTN without the card. Similarly, if the customer wants to swap due to sim size then the customer holds the card and follows that procedure.

Sim Swap MTN Procedure with Old Card

If you have your old SIM card and use it, then follow this procedure;

  • Buy a new sim of MTN with the starter pack “PayAsYouGo” and then register it on RICA
  • Insert your new sim in your mobile phone and switch it ON. You receive a list of options choose “Get a new Number” from them.
  • Activate it by dialling *135# and then start the swap process.
  • Send a message “Swap” to 44770 from your old SIM card.
  • A One-time PIN (OTP) is sent to your number that is valid for the next 15 minutes only. Save i
  • Now send a message from your new number to 44770 that contains your old number, received OTP and the word “Swap”. Follow this pattern Swap number*OTP#. Let’s take an example; your old number is 0834529501 and 1234 is the OTP. Now your message is like Swap 0834529501*1234#.
  • When your old sim stops working then insert your new sim into your mobile phone.

MTN Sim Swap Procedure without Old Card

If your sim card is lost due to some issue now you can’t use it or you don’t have your old card, then follow this procedure.

  • Buy a new sim of MTN with the starter pack “PayAsYouGo” and then register it on RICA.
  • Insert your new sim in your mobile phone. A menu appears when you switch on mobile after sim insertion. Select “Get a new number” from the menu.
  • Dial *135# and activate your new sim card.
  • After the activation and registration of the sim with RICA, you can start the sim swap process. For this dial *135# and choose the 3rd option or simply dial *135*3# and start your sim swapping process.
  • You are asked for the reason for the sim swapping. Answer it properly.
  • You are asked for your cell phone number, input i
  • After this, you receive a message that contains the further procedure. You are asked to answer some questions related to the old sim due to security reasons.
  • After the completion of the verification process, you will receive a status message that concludes whether the Sim Swapping is successful or unsuccessful.
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Final Words

Here we guide you all about How to do Sim Swap on MTN in South Africa. Hope so you don’t face any difficulty. Just follow the above-described method if you have your old sim or not. But it’s advised that you save all your contacts or messages of the old sim before swapping. So that you can’t lose your data and information.

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