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Long Black Hairstyles With Red Highlights Pictures

Long Hairstyle trend is very popular with different hair color, Long Black Hairstyles with Red Highlights Pictures is available with different idea how to apply red color highlight. Traditional hair color trend is base on just simple one hair color but after long time hairstyle’s hair color trend is change so you have option try different hair color highlights for gorgeous look. Red color for hair is very unique idea but keep in mind this hair color is best for fair skin female. Hair color selection must be based on skin tone color that is the reason mostly Dark skin tone girls adopt blonde, Brown hair color highlights on black hair and those female who have fair skin tone, they are trying to get dark unique hair color just like Green, Red.

Long Black Hairstyles With Red Highlights Pictures

Long Black Hairstyles With Red Highlights for bangs haircut

Hair color apply procedure is more important as compare to hairstyling because through hair color or its highlights combination, Female looks will changes. Red Hair color highlights for Black Natural Hair is best one option from different hair color highlights. Red Hair color highlights means majority of hair color is different like black, brown and small part or different hair portion is colorful with Red hair color. Hair color highlights apply procedure is also base in two method, one is natural and other one is artificial means you can adopt red color highlights through different brand hair color. In both method one common thing is very important, that called Hair color highlights Kit.

Long Black Hairstyles With Red Highlights for long face

How to Apply Red Hair color Highlights on Black Hair color

  • This method will complete through help of Brand hair color and Hair color highlights kit;
  • Your Natural hair color or existing hair color must be based on Black hair color
  • Now Choose red hair color and remember red hair color different shade is available in market select it according to your skin tone
  • Through Gel or cloth make sure your skin must be protected
  • For hairline or forehead protection use Vaseline and around your shoulder set towel in warm condition

Long Black Hairstyles With Red Highlights Pictures

  • Prepare hair kit on front of your
  • In One Hair color highlights kit Hair Brush, Dryer, Hair pins, Hair pony, Cap with different whole, one wood slim stick
  • Wear cap on your head and open different whole, where you want to apply red hair color highlights on black hair color
  • Mix Hair bleach
  • Apply hair bleach on that hair portion where you want to apply hair color red highlights
  • Through wood bring out your hair different portion into cap whole
  • Apply bleach and after 1hr wash that hair where bleach applied
  • Now dry your hair through dryer
  • Next day again wear hair color kit and apply red hair color
  • After 2 to 3 hours wash your hair

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