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Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2018

Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2018 will make you crazy because these Kente Dresses Designs are back in the Ghanaian fashion world. This Kente Dress Style is not the latest styles that are adopted by the Ghanaian women but it is a traditional dress of Ghana. In the earlier days, this Kente Dresses are only worn in the most important days only because this cloth is considered as sacred but now it can be wear on the different event of life and most important is on Wedding days. Kente is a fabric of different colors which is hand woven by the Ghanaian women. The color combinations and the excellent designs of the Kente Dresses made this dress outstanding as this can catch your attraction even in thousands of clothes. In Ghana every Kente dress has a story in it’s behind that is explained by its pattern and color combinations.

The colors used in the Kente Dresses are not faded even you wear it many times and this is not our statement but the people who wear and have good experience with this cloth. In the Kent Style Dresses, there are two pieces of Cloth one piece is of the skirt that is of floor length and the second piece is of shirt that is of mostly 45 inches long. This Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2018 is not associated with the women only but this Kent dress is now also for the men too.

Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2018

This Ghana Kente Style Dress is stitched in a maxi style as you can see it is one piece dress which is of floor length with a piece of Contrast cloth around the neck with high heels. If you also go for the Maxi Ghana Kente style dress then High heels are compulsory to add little more attraction in your appearance as well as it explains that you are up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2017

If you are going for a date or dinner with your friends then this Latest Ghana Kente Styles 2018 will be the best choice for you to get the attraction of others towards you. Well, this Kente Dress is a combination of the different color but the skirt used under the shirt is of plane color which is in accordance with the dress you wear. In the pictures, the Kente Shirt is of the Yellow, Blur, Orange and other colors so she used red Skirt that is of the knee length.

Latest Ghana Kente Dresses 2017

This Kente Dress design is perfect to wear to a Ghanaian wedding. You can view in the picture that how perfect is this fittest skirt Kente Style Dress. The color Combinations and the blouse used with the fitting in the sewing pattern everything is so perfect that you can’t stop yourself saying WOW..

Latest Ghana Kente Dress Designs 2017

This is the traditional Ghana Kente Style that is divided into two pieces as one piece is of the Skirt and another piece is of the Shirt or blouse. The Skirt used in this Traditional Kente Style Dress can be of two type that is knee length as well as the floor length so you should choose the style which suits your personality and also body type which is most important among all.

Latest Ghana Kente Dress Designs

Hot Ghana Kente Styles 2017


This is one of the Hottest Ghana Kente Styles you would ever have seen. This is designed by the African Fashion Designer and also showed up on the ramp this year in the fashion show. You can have a look on this Kente dress from the image below and could explain to your tailor that what you are looking for is something like that.

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