Eye Makeup For African American Skin

Sexy Sheer Look for african american eyes

sometimes the topic Eye Makeup For African American Skin is really confusing and difficult to answer because it came into mind that if i am going to a party then what should i wear, what makeup i apply to look more attractive and sexy then ever so that is why here by sharing this topic with you we try to solve out your this question that if you are a African or black women then what type of eye makeup you should go for. If we go back in some times than black women have yo face such kind of problems that makeup companies did not give much attention to this type of skin while introducing any of their product in market but now you can get what ever you like what ever shade you like for your African eyes to make them look more beautiful.

Eye Makeup For African American Skin

What Eye Color to choose?

In the market if you view then you can find there are too many colors available for the black women eyes but before buying any of the eye makeup you should know that what color you should go with because not every shade suits every type of skin tone. The colors you can got for are Nutmeg, Cement, Deep Purples, Gold, Lilac, Deep Shades of Blue and Silver. other than that there are many other shades like Rich green shades but that purely depends on how well is your skin tone because if you try this and it will give you odd look then it will ruin your occasion completely.

Eye Color For African American Skin

Sexy Sheer Look for African Women:

If you want to gt sexy bold cat eyes then you can go with the sheer shades and the best thing to get the sheer shades look is that it just require your few minutes to prepare you. So go to the market a purchase a shades that are formulated to be sheer and also at the same time pearlized a little. If you are in love with that kind of look then you must have to apply this eye makeup with very care and full attention.

Sexy Sheer Look for african american eyes

Some Other Tips For Eye Makeup:

  • When you are investing so much in your eye makeup then do not forget to purchase one good concealor too that are eyefriendly. If you have under eye circles even then you must purchase Concelor because it will also help in hiding your under eye circles.
  • In doing Eye Makeup For African American Skin must consider to curl your eye lashes because curling lashes will give your lashes length and to look bigger which is the best part of the eye Makup.
  • If you are facing any problems regarding the fine line around your eyes then do go for some good eye creams that are also available in market in different brands so buy a best one.


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