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Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection

Are you also one of the fans of Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection then here we have some of her latest collection but before going to her collection lets have a little introduction that how she’s become to be a top fashion designer. When we talk about the best and top of the list south African Clothing Designer then we cannot neglect the name of Bongiwe Walaza. Mother of Bongiwe Walaza is a home dress make and from there she learns how to make clothes in different ways. By studies, she is an electrical engineer after completing its education she starts a job at Telkom and there she used to design her own clothes. In 1997 she gets a chance to learn more about the dressmaking and dress designing. This is the turning point of her life and then she starts designing clothes and now she is among one of the top designers in South African Fashion. She also performs its duties as a product developer as well as a trainer too for Wild Silk Africa. She got praises all over the world where she showcases her designs like in New York, Singapore, India, Egypt, Las Vegas, Shanghai, London, Guangzhou, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece and many others.

Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection

Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Collection

Thinking about going on a date then just have a look over this beautiful dress. The design, The pattern, The color everything about this dress is so awesome then one could easily fell in love with this dress. This Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures is the best dress collection from my point of view.

Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection

The best dress ever for a formal as well as casual occasions. One dress could be fit anywhere and everywhere where ever you wanted to go. To add some more beauty to this dress just wear this dress with the high heels and then look no eye in the party could stop itself being noticed and praise you.

Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2017 Pictures

The wedding is one of the events where every girl wanted to be so perfect that is why look over here the Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection. this dress is on the black color net and the length of this dress is above the knee. For a daytime party or wedding, this dress will be perfect to wear.

Bongiwe Walaza Designs Pictures Collection

During the latest fashion show of Bongiwe Walaza, these designs are the best among all which attract every eye in the hall towards them. Look at the pattern of the dress and the color combinations. This dress is perfect for a bride on her wedding day too. the head is covered with a scarf that adds more beauty to this dress and also gives a look of the traditional dress.

Bongiwe Walaza Latest Designs 2017 Pictures Collection

Looking for a bold Bongiwe Walaza Designs 2019 Pictures Collection then do have a look at this dress. The perfect combination of color scheme with the label of Bongiwe Walaza makes this dress more attractive. we know its really hard for women who see this dress to stop herself to buy this dress.

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