Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles 2018

If you have been opting for the short hairstyles then make sure that you should also be trying out the Bantu knots one! Here at this post, pictures of Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles 2018 will be shared with you so let us all have a check out at these pictures: Do you know Why Bantu knots are so famous? We have seen that if you want to have gorgeous and pretty of its kind of voluminous curls then you should try these Bantu knots, they will not be making you gorgeous but they will also be saving the bunch of time of yours. These are a little bit tricky kinds of knots to be made but once you will get to know how to make them, you will start loving them!

Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles 2018

Bantu knots hairstyles types:

  • Four style Bantu Knots
  • Two style Bantu Knots
  • Braided style Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles

How Can Bantu knots be made?

  • You just have to wash your hair, and then you have to separate it into the four parts, just comb your hair through each section by making use of a Denman brush. Right after combing, you have to tie up your hairs back up and then you have to part each of the section of your hairs and that too according to the Bantu knots which you want to make. You can make around four knots for each of the section, in this way you will be having larger knots. If you have thinner hair then you should be making less knots for each of the section.
  • By making use of the “praying hands” technique, you have to apply all of the products to each section and then comb through the smaller hair sections thoroughly.
  • Now use the hair tie and you have to tightly tie one of the smaller sections, you should be having your two pieces of your hair right in your hands, then you have to begin a two strand twist.
  • After the twisting your two strands together, you have to take the whole of the twist and then you have to twist it in that knot clockwise.

Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles 2017


Just try these Bantu Knots on Short Hair Styles 2018 and do share your feedback with us! This hairstyle termed the Bantu knots have been the best one and once you will try them you will be in love with this short hairstyle.

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