Senegalese Twist Hairstyles 2017

Stylish hairstyle always called beauty of fashion and here we are sharing hard to make but gorgeous Senegalese Twist Hairstyles 2017 ideas so must read all article for best future hairstyling. Before Senegalese twist hairstyles making ideas, Match hair color and hairstyle care tips, you must have knowledge about Senegalese word meaning because if you will understand hairstyle meaning and background then yes your will adopt or make best hairstyle with more comfort and easy way. Senegales words is extension of Senegal Country name, Senegal west Africa country that with Senegal River borders. Senegal country African women adopt different African hairstyle like Braided, Twist, Afro but Senegal African women Twist hairstyle is more popular as compare to any other hairstyle that is the reason senegalese twist hairstyles 2017 is still very popular.

Senegalese Twist Hairstyles 2017

African American Twist Hairstyles Concepts 2017:

senegalese twist updo hairstyles

If you are thinking Twist hairstyle only one hairstyle that adopted by West African female then sorry to say you are still confuse about twist hairstyle concept. Just try to focus on Twist word and now attach bun, updo, ponytail, braided hairstyle with twist word after this practice you will defiantly  understand  Twist concept with hairstyle. African American female usually adopt Updo, braided, backcoimg hairstyle with twist pattern that is the reason mostly African American Twist hairstyle is popular in other countries.

senegalese twist bun hairstyles

How to Make senegalese twist hairstyle step by step

Traditional senegalese twist hairstyle is compulsory for African American females but this is a reality you will add latest twist hairstyle trend with traditional senegalese twist hairstyle pattern.  Below side details will explain How to make senegalese twist hairstyle with more effective and best hairstyle making pattern.

  • Long hairstyle is basic requirement of Senegalese Twist Hairstyles 2017 but keep in mind if your hair is fall on short hair length then just try to pick hair long extension for temporary solution.
  • Pick 100% braiding hair extensions or Jumbo Braiding hair extension
  • Through Salon Scissors trim your hair or hair extension according to your demand
  • Wash hair and dry it with hair dryer, on dry hair use comb
  • Keep in mind do not put any hairstyling cream, oil or anything on your hair for Senegalese Twist Hairstyles 2017
  • Small clips are available in market so purchase it and through Small Clips separate your hair. Each section of hair separate with 2.5 cm width.

how to style senegalese twist in a bow

  • According to your desire put hair twist because after hairstyling, twist procedure will very difficult for you
  • Spilt  your hair in two separate section through your fingers carefully
  • Twist different section with right 1 to 2 inches section
  • Twist strands hair with right hand section
  • Now repeat all procedure with same method
  • Now seal ends of boiling water with twists hair through natural
  • After hairstyle making apply coconut oil
  • Now after twist steps cover your hair through of cloth

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