Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures 2017

Are you going to marry soon so that is why looking for perfect and latest Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures 2017 because you do want that everything on your wedding should be perfect then we share here what you are looking for because in a Nigerian Traditional Wedding when you are deciding everything you also keep in mind about the local cuisine, Color Scheme and most important the Bride and Groom Outfits. Wedding day is full of celebration, Fun and happiness so on that type of occasions you will ave to see awesome latest fashion trends as well as some traditional outfits too this depends on the Guest, Family member of both Bride and Groom.

This is the reasons that all the top fashion designers of Nigeria keep several thing in their mind when they are going for a brides Blouse, Skirt, Head Piece, Shoes and Accessories etc. The Common thing in a Nigerian traditional Wedding dresses is that they are a combination of really eye catching color, Beautiful and up to the latest fashion trends because no doubt bride wear a traditional Dress but in these traditional Dresses there are title changes come from time to time according to the Needs and demand of the people. Mostly Bride and Groom go for the dresses that also suits the occasion color scheme so that is why before going for shopping both families sit and decide that what color scheme will be on their wedding day.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures 2017

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures 2017

Blouse of Bride Outfits:

This is the choice of the bride that she can go for the short sleeve blouse, Sleeveless blouse or long sleeve blouse in its top blouse for the dress she is going to wear on the wedding day. Other than the sleeves there are many other designs for the blouse which you can choose from as some blouses are plane and other are embroided with machine or hand work. The third thing in the Brides blouse we could like to mention in the stitching style as you can go for the low bust line or high bust line even there is a moderate cut line as you can view in the images gallery on this page.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs

Nigerian Wedding Skirt or wrapper:

In most of the cases if you see the Wedding outfits of the Nigerian bride then you noticed that the blouse is of different color then the Skirt or wrapper and it is in the contrast color. Blouse are sometime in the plan fabric but some time in the printed too so in the same the skirt in Nigerian Wedding dresses are of two types from the waist that are tied waist and in the modern the tied waist is replace but the rubber bands. Most of the color used in the skirt designed for wedding are of Pink, Purple, White and Orange. If we talk about the length of the Skirt then it is according to your own wish as in the market you could get the knee length skirt or the floor length skirt.

Your Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures 2017 is incomplete without the use of Coral Beads as in the most of the above pictures you can see that the Bride is wearing coral Beads necklace in contrast to the wedding dress color.

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