African American Hair Color Trends 2017

African American Hair Color Trends 2017 discussion is very interesting and searchable topic by African American Female. This is a reality African American natural hair color is mostly black but due to modern trend African American girls are adopting dark different unique hair color included Red, Purple, Orange, Green. Yes this is very interesting for readers but you must have knowledge African American girls always try to adopt modern and latest hairstyling trend. Girls keep in mind hair color selection procedure is very complicated for those female who have not single information about hair color pattern selection. Hair color must be matched with your face skin because skin color and hair color combination is very important match for female hairstyling. Black skin color must be adopt dark hair color and its highlights. In further details you can also get information about African American Hair Color highlights.
African American Red hair color pattern

African American Hair Color Trends 2017

African American Dark Hair color for Afro hair

How to select hair color and its highlights:

If you want stylish look then must try to select hair color highlights and lowlights according your skin tone or events environment.  If you are still confuse about Event Environment combination for hair color selection then keep in mind casual events hair color requirements is different as compare to formal events. For example on workplace you cannot take red, green, purple hair color. Yes on workplace you have to need regular common hair color included brown, black, blonde and its highlights. Hair color highlights and lowlights is modern hairstyling coloring trend, if you want to wear brown hair color then apply blonde and black hair color highlights. If you want to set black hair color with long hairstyle then red and green hair color is best for hairstyle highlights.

African American Blonde hair colorAfrican American Blonde hair color

African American Hair color highlights apply method:

  • For hair color highlights prepare hair color highlights kit
  • Prepare hair color kit
  • Before hair color highlights apply procedure wash your hair before two days advance
  • On dry hair were hair color cap
  • Hair color highlights cap base on different whole just open few whole where you want to apply hair color as highlights
  • Through hair brush apply hair color and wash it after 3 hours

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